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Precision Locating System

This simple, accurate and affordable locator is designed for those committed to protecting buried infrastructure. Whether the locate is measured in feet or miles, the Pathfinder Precision Locating System is a must have for any damage prevention specialist.

Welcome to RYCOM Instruments, Inc.

Rycom Instruments® is a leading manufacturer of cable, pipe and fault locating equipment. Our long-standing history has strengthened our ability to transform and reinvent our product to fit the needs of the locating industry.

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A Few Things About Us

Every locating device made by Rycom Instruments®, Inc. is designed to make finding buried utilities simple, accurate and affordable.

Established in 1946, Rycom Instruments® has become a leading manufacturer of cable, pipe and fault locating equipment. Originally a developer of telegraph carrier equipment for railroad communications we began designing and manufacturing locating equipment in the 1950s. Today, Rycom Instruments® focuses almost entirely on serving those in the locating industry.

At our manufacturing and production facility in Kansas City, Mo., our engineers continue to design and develop a wide range of industry proven line, cable-identification, and fault locators. Today, we devote all of our effort to sales, service, manufacturing and engineering in the locating industry, successfully serving markets around the world.

Products & Services We Offer

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Pipe & Cable Locators


Our affordable locators make finding buried utilities simple and accurate.

Repair Services


Our professional service staffed with highly trained and qualified technicians.

Fault Locators


Telecom, power & gas - technicians and line workers rely on RYCOM’s fault locators.

Engineering Services


Let RYCOM's engineering staff be a solution to your electronic or mechanical design needs.